Eric Fry

Eric Fry

Guitar, Mandolin and Vocals

Photo Credit: Peggy DeWitt

Eric’s early influences include Johnny Winter, Leslie West and Eric Clapton. He plays a custom made Lado guitar primarily, using no effect pedals. Amplification has morphed over the years from a Fender super six and Marshall stack to the present day 40W Fender Champion.

Eric has played with the following groups over the years:

1974-1977  Token

Originally a power trio consisting of Steve Conley on drums, Mark Wilkins on bass and Eric on guitar. Roger Wilson later replaced Mark W on bass while Steve Wilson was added on keys.

1978   Backshed Revue 

Country cross-over band with Ralph Wood on drums, Steve Martin on bass, Richard Grills on guitar, Debbie Dunitz on vocals and Eric on guitar

1979   Boojum

Eric played in the last rendition of this local band which included at that time Ralph Wood on drums, Steve Martin on guitar, Fran Rose on keyboards, Debbie Dunitz on vocals and Eric on guitar

1980-1988   Messenger

Local dance band with many personnel changes over the years. Original members included Wayne McFaul on sax, Mike Bond on drums, John deVries on bass, Steve Wilson on keyboards and Lynn Fennel on vocals with Eric on guitar. Later replacements would include Vitas Slapkauskas on bass, Steve Conley on drums, Dennis Baragar on keys and Rob Martin on keys.

1989-1992   Now and Then

Another local dance band featuring John Logue on drums, John Graves on trumpet, John deVries on bass, Angie King on keys and sax, Joel Trudeau on guitar, Mary Hazelwood on vocals and Eric on guitar

1998 & ongoing

Eric has performed as a sideman with various artists including Lenni Stewart, Emily Fennel, and Deja Vu