Fade Kings, R&B, Blues, Jazz, and Classic Rock in the Quinte area

Fade Kings, Jake DeVries John (Jake Jr.) de Vries – bass, vocals

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John (Jake Jr.) de Vries grew up in a small town but he had a big imagination. He loved music and wanted to spend the rest of his life with his friends playing in a band. So he went on the road and the band got great reviews and was signed by Capital records. Some dreams come true and some don't. The band broke up and John got a day job but he still spends the rest of his time making music with his friends.

His early influences include Hank Williams, Elvis, the Ventures, Beatles, Stones, Eric Clapton and Jimi Hendrix.

For the equipment enthusiast, John's bass set-up includes an Ernie Ball "Stingray" 5 string bass and an SWR "Redhead" combo amp…the early 240 watt version.  He has other gear but doesn't bring it out for gigs…..Fender "57 Precision" copy (Japanese), Squire Precision (Japanese), and some amps – an old Traynor Bassmaster, Traynor Monobloc. He has a Traynor Guitar-Mate (chicken head knobs), Kalamazoo Model 1 and an Ampeg Reverberocket, and an assortment of cheap acoustic guitars, resonator guitar and an older Ibanez electric with junkbox Japanese pickup. Then there are the "creations"…..a homebuilt SG Junior w/ P90 and some homebrew/rankenstein guitar amps that never made it out of the lab (but they all work); a 5E3 (kinda) and 18 watt Marshall w/6V6's (sorta) and he just unleashed his low watt Vox AC15 (only with 6AQ5's instead of 6BQ5's). This has the EF86 pre-amp tube (vintage Philips Mini-Watt) that tweaked-out guitarists drool over. He also has some horrible effects pedals from the 70's that could be just the ticket on a recording, and also a small bag of percussion instruments and some flutes from the tropics.

John is also a talented guitar and mandolin builder and decoy carver.  He has played in the following bands:

Nigil Webb & The Love Agents
Rick Campbell-guitar & vocals
Dave York-guitar (12 string) & vocals
Bill Cook-drums & vocals
John de Vries-bass & vocals
Played school dances, private parties and Wellington Town Hall.

Yogi Wattam & The Dustmen
George (Yogi) Wattam-guitar & vocals
Ross Bongard/Mike Bond-drums
John de Vries-bass & vocals
House band at the Rickerton Hotel.

Played in various bands as a pick up bass player including:
Coulter Brothers Band
Dave Pride
Dave Finnegan
John Logue & Dennis Barager
School dances, small clubs and bars.

Westbury Union
Dave Impey-drums & vocals
Danny Thompson-vocals
Paul Lockyer-keys & vocals
John de Vries-bass & vocals
School dances and larger venues (we had our own van!) through Bernie Dobbin Agency.

Dave Impey/Steve Smith-drums 7 vocals
Danny Thompson-vocals
Paul Lockyer/Dave Conley-keys & vocals
Tim Campbell-guitar & vocals
Wayne McFaul-sax & vocals
John de Vries-bass & vocals
College and University circuit, clubs and bars across southern Ontario, New Brunswick and upper New York State  (Dobbin Agency). Eventually band buys brand new truck and members are paid salary. The band continues playing under the Boojum name a few more years even though none of the original members remain.

Al Manning-guitar & vocals
Glenn LeCompte-drums & vocals
Paul Lockyer-keys & vocals
Gary Comeau-pedal steel , guitar & vocals
John de Vries-bass & vocals
"B" circuit bars and clubs, universities and colleges in every town in Ontario. This band was signed by Capital Records and booked by Dobbin Agency.

Mike Bond-drums & vocals
Wayne McFaul-sax & vocals
Stevie Wilson-keys & vocals
Lynn Fennell-vocals
Eric Fry-guitar & vocals
John de Vries-bass & vocals
A fun combo that played smaller clubs on weekends. All the members had day jobs. Like "Boojum" the name carried on but members changed.

Now & Then
Mary Hart-vocals
John Logue-drums & vocals
John Graves-trumpet & vocals
Angie King-sax, keys & vocals
Ted Elvins-vocals & guitar
Eric Fry-guitar & vocals
Joel Trudeau-guitar & vocals
John de Vries-bass & vocals
Dance band playing retro rock-a-billy.

Mary & The Notables
Mary Hazlewood-vocals
Eric Fry-guitar & vocals
Dave Impey-drums & vocals
Leigh Moore-keys & vocals
John de Vries-bass & vocals
Contemporary with a country twist.

Various bands & artists as sideman/bass player (both live and recording) including:
Emily Fennell
Robert Martin
Lenni Stewart
Drew Ackerman
Jerry Foster
Six Feet Under
Whoa! Nellie
Jeanette Arsenault
Frere Brothers

Fade Kings
Eric Fry-guitar
Leigh Moore-keys
Dave Impey-drums
John de Vries-bass
Recorded "Years To Recover" in 2003. Original songs and original takes on some favourites.


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